Welcome to Olympic Cards!

Our Company was originally incorporated as “Olympic Business Credits (Madras) Private Limited” on April 21, 1992 under the Companies Act, 1956 at Chennai. The Company was converted into a Public Limited Company with effect from March 22, 1995 and the name of our Company was changed to Olympic Cards Limited with effect from May 13, 1998. The Company was formed mainly with a view to capture the market of wedding cards and other associated products, like Greeting Cards, Office Envelopes, Cloth-lined covers, Student Note Books, Files, etc. and continued to carve a niche for itself in its segment of business. Under the Brand Name “Olympic”, we are one of the leading manufacturers of paper/board based products, with a strong presence in Southern India. The Brand is popular and well known to the general public for its quality, affordability, variety and reliability for many decades. Our Company is presently engaged in the business of manufacturing and trading Wedding Cards, Greeting Cards, Envelopes, Letter Heads, Business Cards, Calendars, Notebooks, Account Books, etc. We are also trading in the business of printing inks. Our invitation cards for Bharatanatya Arangetram and brochures for Arangetram functions are most popular among the Non-Resident Indians who are nurturing Indian traditions to their children abroad. We are exporters of our products to foreign countries such as Malaysia. Singapore, Sri Lanka & Dubai. Our plans to expand our market presence both within and outside India are yielding results.

Our Strengths

Our Company has strong presence in the business of Wedding Cards for nearly 2 decades. We manufacture Wedding Cards, Greeting Cards, Envelopes, Letter Heads, Business Cards, Calendars, Notebooks, Account Books, Files, etc. We are also involved in the trading of the items like Screen-Offset Inks.Our extensive experience in the industry enables us to guage and understand the changing trends and growth prospects associated with the industry. The “Olympic” Brand has become a household name for Wedding and Greeting Cards

Large-Scale, versatile manufacturing infrastructure

We compete with both small manufacturers with limited geographic reach and technical operations in the unorganized segment of the Wedding Cards and greeting cards and with other larger manufacturers in the organized segment of the wedding cards and greeting cards industry. We have manufacturing facilities at our Factory located at Kannigaiper, Thiruvallur District, Tamilnadu State. We believe that this large-scale and versatile manufacturing infrastructure gives us a significant advantage over the unorganized manufacturers in the sector. This large-scale, versatile operations allow us to develop efficient and cost-effective processes for different products at short notice and to maintain capacity to take on new opportunities as they arise. As a result, we are able to reach a large market through the scale of our operations and provide a product mix that responds to customer’s demands in a timely manner. We are able to achieve cost-efficiencies through our scale of operations and long experience in the industry and through our investment in latest technologies. The size of our operations and long-standing relationships with suppliers allows us to achieve cost-saving through bulk purchases and better rates. Our investment in modern machinery has also allowed us to achieve significant cost efficiencies through a reduction in wastage.

High-quality products

We have invested a high-quality, technologically advanced printing manufacturing equipments to help us to ensure the efficient production of high quality wedding cards and other products. The Scale of our operations and our experience in the business, have enabled us to provide higher quality products in response to demands from customers for more “premium” paper/board based products. We also believe that our investment in technology also allows us to provide higher quality products to our customers and this allows us to attract new customers and differentiate ourselves from smaller competitors

Marketing and Sales

Our company has a big Showroom for its sales in the heart of the Chennai City at N.S.C.Bose Road (opposite to Broadway bus terminus). The Company also has its own sales showrooms at Kodambakkam, Thiruvanmiyur, T.Nagar, Velachery, Anna Nagar and Peravalur in Chennai and one more at Coimbatore and also appointed franchisees in Tamil Nadu. The Company is in the process of appointing more franchisees.